Should I purchase a property based on a report commissioned by the agent?

At Building Inspections Geelong, we often get asked whether a purchaser should consider buying a property based on the findings of a building inspection which has been commissioned by the seller or the agent. One would usually find that these reports are prepared by the bigger franchise company’s. Most people would think that there are ‘red flags’ going up here as to how independent or unbiased these reports are. One risk associated with using a report as such, is that you the purchaser may not have a contract with the building inspector, and there may be no legal comeback if the report is incorrect or misses something major.

We have experienced this fist hand on several occasions where the agent has strongly suggested that the buyer accept and use the supplied “Independent” inspection as this saves time and is less stressful to the seller to not have strangers stomping through their home. Well our theory is that this practice is a huge risk and if the seller really wants to sell the property, then maybe they will have to accept that it is in fact the purchasers right to engage an independent inspector to commission a fully independent and unbiased building inspection report.

At building inspections Geelong, we are fully insured with professional indemnity insurance, for your protection and of course ours. We only take on one inspection per day, with our aim to give you the purchaser, the most accurate and detailed description of the property that you intend to invest vast amounts of money in.