Leaking Windows

One major problem within the building industry at the moment is Leaking Windows. This is a common query/enquiry from callers to Building Inspections Geelong, and the issue is on the rise.
We have noticed that in a large number of new homes inspected in recent times, windows are not flashed correctly, or the flashings provided are inadequate and are unlikely to prevent water penetration. The age old practice of flashing the timber sill/reveal prior to installing the windows seems to have been abandoned, possibly by the need to save time and of course money.

As a lifelong Carpenter, and a Registered Builder for over 15 years, I have personally gone overboard with flashings around windows and have never been called back to a job to fix Leaking Windows. I have renovated buildings where windows have not been adequately flashed, the end results can be devastating. The consequence can include mould growing to internal wall lining, and severe wet rot decay to framing and flooring, and can also cause Structural Decay to structural framing components of a building. This lack of adequate flashing to windows appears to be rife within the industry at the moment and at Building Inspections Geelong, we are now pleased to offer an expanded range of Stage Inspections to include a detailed Window Flashing Inspection early in the build, as well as our popular Lock Up Inspection, and our extremely thorough PCI, or Handover Inspection.
Your dream home is way too important to allow a builder that puts company profits ahead of one of your most basic rights and most important requirements, a house without Leaking Windows from poor building practice and/or company profits.

Call Building Inspections Geelong to book a Window Flashing Inspection to assure your Builder complies with the requirements of the National Construction Code, and Window Manufacturers Requirements.