Geelong new home lock up report

A lock up report inspects your new home home in Geelong at one of the most critical stages of your building development. It can provide peace of mind or it can identify defects large or small whilst also reporting on workmanship and good or bad building practise.

An inspection at lock up stage will enable us to inspect and point out on a raft of potential defects such as:

  • Deficiencies with the framing as plaster or wall lining is yet to be in installed at this stage of construction. Walls will be checked for straight and plumb to comply with all relevant requirements as per the Victorian Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances.
  • Installation of windows to confirm if flashings have been installed correctly and that frames are fixed securely and are not damaged, or if sills or jambs are installed correctly without bows, and that these are level and plumb.
  • External cladding has been installed correctly and has been installed to an acceptable standard of workmanship.
  • Roofing materials, capping and flashings have been installed correctly and are water tight.

At Building Inspections Geelong we consider this inspection to be a critical time during the construction stage of your new home and allows us to have an eye firmly on the quality of the building work to date. All items that we consider to be unsatisfactory or not up to standards will be called out and identified to protect the biggest investment that you are likely to make and ensure that you enjoy your place called home.

You may also require a building defect report