Geelong building defect reports

With the growing industry of volume building, and the size of the construction boom currently sweeping across Geelong including new areas such as Warralily and Armstrong Creek there seems to be a new suburb popping up every week. As a result we are constantly being asked to perform Defect Reports for a variety of reasons. Building Inspections Geelong offer building defect reports for a wide range of situations.

These may include:

  • During the process of a new build when you the owner has concerns that corners are being cut or there are obvious deficiencies and things don’t seem to be progressing as you would have expected.
  • After you have moved into your new home or even some time down the track, you might notice defective works, as in you may discover cracking in internal wall lining or external cladding or brickwork. You have noticed that things seem to be moving and gaps are appearing in places that you hadn’t noticed before.
  • You may have noticed water inundation around windows or skirting lines or even in the walls adjoining your showers.
  • Outdoor structures are starting to look like they are becoming unstable and you may have safety concerns.
  • Cladding or lining may be starting to work loose from walls and you may be concerned that fixing guidelines may not have been met for the product used.
  • The home with a 6 star energy rating that you paid good money for appears to be underperforming in relation to the insulation or whether you have received the materials that you thought you were getting.

A defect report from our highly qualified team provides peace of mind that your concerns will be thoroughly investigated, and a detailed and unbiased report will be compiled. This will enable you the owner, to go back to the builder with a documented, accurate and easy to read report which will address any concerns that you may have with your dream home.