Building Inspections Geelong

When the time comes to make one of the biggest if not the most important financial decisions of your life in buying a home for the family, Building Inspections Geelong are the people to go to to get the most accurate, honest and decisive report on the state of your dream home. To the untrained eye, most houses look fantastic when a potential buyer falls in love with a property. Building Inspections Geelong are the guys to call on to help you the purchaser, make the right choice, and not based on emotion only.

To share a recent experience, a client was very interested in a property in the coastal township near Geelong. My clients had several concerns, one being about a newly renovated balcony deck. Well their concerns were well and truly justified as the building works to this balcony were undoubtedly the most unprofessional that I have seen in my 40 years in the building industry. This second storey cantilevered balcony was structurally flawed because of the building works and that structural failure is imminent and is a major safety hazard(refer to pics).

Other defects discovered during this inspection was the presence of termites. Whilst they didn’t appear to be active, they have caused severe damage to structural sub flooring timbers and without further invasive testing, it is unclear as to how much damage has occurred to the wall framing. It would have been easy to miss the damage as only one internal door frame was affected, albeit slightly but upon further investigated below this area in the subfloor, large floor framing timbers were found to be almost hollow.

Another major defect with this property was the cracking to the external brickwork. It would seem that a major contributing factor to this cracking is the lack of articulation control joints. This building has no control joints. Articulation joints are necessary in the construction of brick walls as they allow the brickwork to move and contract with the foundations as soils are reactive in differing weather conditions.

Don’t be left picking up the pieces of buying a home full of hidden defects. Be sure to contact the guys at Building Inspections Geelong today to get the most comprehensive building report on offer.