New home inspections, Geelong

Seeing the stages of your new home being built in an understandably exciting time for any family, however, sometimes the quality of a build can be compromised. Turning what should be one of the most monumental and enjoyable stages of life, into stress and uncertainty.

This is why having a new home inspection carried out at your newly-built Geelong home by our qualified and experienced building inspectors can give you the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and durable.

You deserve to have the building you are investing in to be of high standard quality. New home inspections are integral because only an independent building inspector works for you and knows what to look for regarding how a home should be constructed.

Why choose a New Build Inspection?

  • This is your opportunity to identify any shortfalls regarding your new home, including construction, quality of finishing, safety concerns, or anything else, so that these issues are addressed before you make final payment to your builder. No matter how skilled the various teams are or how diligent the builder, once everything comes together there are bound to be items that need attention at the end – that’s why an independent inspection is so important.
  • This is your new home, and we take a practical approach to the building inspection ensuring that your home inspection is conducted honestly and accurately.
  • Before the inspection, we will discuss any concerns that you may have with your builder. We also acknowledge that the relationship between owner and builder is incredibly important, so we will do everything we can while conducting our business, to ensure that the relationship remains positive. At the end of the day, as independent inspectors, you are our top priority.
  • With over 40 years in the industry, our new home inspection, also known as hand over or PCI (Practical Completion Inspection), will ensure that your builder fulfills his contractual requirements to build your dream home as outlined.

What we recommend:

We don’t offer full stage inspections. What we recommend is three inspections during the build.

The first is a window flashing inspection, the second a Lock-up and third is a Final or PCI inspection. We also offer Defect reports along the stage of a build if they are required.

Stage One:

We consider window flashings to be of paramount importance along the course of the build as what we are witnessing more and more is the lack of appropriate or suitable flashings to the external of windows, prior to the installation of cladding. We have a letter of engagement with recommendations that you would pass on to your builder, to make them aware, or to put them on notice that you expect all flashings to be installed so as to comply with the National Construction Code, and/or to be installed as per window manufacturers installation requirements. We would issue you this letter to pass on early in the build. We also assess the windows internally to check that windows are plumb, straight and level, prior to cladding installation, or the laying of any brickwork.

Stage Two:

The Lock-up is done pre plaster and framing and structural components can still be assessed for plumb and straightness. This is also a good time to inspect all other associated flashings, and other items such as roofing, gutters, and cladding installation.

Stage Three:

The third is the Final or Practical Completion Inspection. This is performed after the building is completed and has been cleaned. Items such as paint finishes, tiling, joinery, site drainage, and any external finishes can be assessed for quality with poor workmanship called out.

What you will receive:

  • An extensive, easy to read report identifying any severe or unexpected faults or problems. The report is collated using a combination of checklists, summaries, pictures, and notes.
  • Peace of mind and confidence in approaching your Builder to address any issues

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Not building but still want to have the reassurance that the home or building that you’re looking at purchasing is as it appears to be? Building Inspections Geelong also carry out comprehensive pre-auction and pre-purchase building inspections in Geelong.